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News : IQAC meeting
Published On 22/11/2017




IQAC meeting

 Dated: 22.11.2017, 1.30 pm

Participants: Principal,TCS, IQAC members, Heads of all departments.

Agenda: 1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting.

                2. Proposals from IQAC for the next academic year.


The main points:

1.      Prof.Pradip Kumar Mukherjee  proposed to organise interdisciplinary classes of both UG and PG.

2.      Geography and Econamics to be offerd as pass subjects for students having honours  in other subjects.

3.      Bio pass (Zoology and Botany) for pure pass students may be offered as per students demand.

4.      All head of the departments gave the proposal that every department has to organise at least one invited lecture and one student seminar per academic session.

5.      TCS gave a suggestion that a self employment scheme (repairing of electrical and electronic goods) may be adopted for academically poor and drop out students by the help of schemes provided by Government of India.

6.      IQAC member, Ms. Suparna Basu Chaki proposed that a  workshop/ seminar needs to be arranged in the college to make the teachers, non teaching staff and other stake holders aware of the new CBCS academic system.