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News : IQAC meeting
Published On 21/7/2017




IQAC meeting

 Date: 21.07.17, 1.30 pm

Participants: Principal, TCS, IQAC members, Heads of all departments.

Agenda: 1. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting.

                2. Proposals from IQAC for the next academic year.

The main points:

·         Arun Roy, IQAC member proposed that an auditorium has to be constructed to accommodate a large section of teachers and students for degree conferring ceremony, and other cultural and academic programmes hosted by the college. Money has already been sanctioned by the government for the project.

·         Ms. Arpita. Sengupta suggested to expedite the proposal to the government for opening new subjects(i) statistics (ii) physical education in the session 2018-2019. The academic inspection for the subjects has already been by conducted by the university.

·         Dr. Sanat.Kumar . Saha gave a suggestion that 4 new subjects (i) computer science  (ii)education (iii)physiology (iv) microbiology may be opened. The academic inspection by the university is to be organised.

·         Unanimously it is decided that more outreach programmes by NSS is to be organised.