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News : Important Notice: GoWB
Published On 24/9/2018



In view of call given by some Political Parties for a bandh from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on the 26th September, 2018, it has been decided that all State Government offices including those provided with Grants-in-Aid by the State Government shall remain open and all the employees shall report for duty on that date. It has been decided that no Casual leave for absence either in the 1st half of the day or in the second half or for the whole day nor any other leave shall be granted to any employee on the said date. The employees who are on leave on 24-09-2018 shall have to report for duty on zs" September, 2018. It has also been decided that besides thebandh day, no leave for the day preceding the bandh day, i.e., zs" September, 2018 and for the day following the bandh day, i.e., 2yth September, 2018, shall be allowed.