Barasat Government College

NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade & DST-FIST Sponsored College
Affiliated to West Bengal State University

  • 033 2552 3365

Admission M.A./M.Sc.


List of members, PGBOS, Dept. of Bengali

  1. Prof. Mohinimohan Sardar, HOD, Dept. of Bengali, West Bengal State University
  2. Gopa Dutta Bhowmik, Ex Vice Chancellor, Gour Banga University
  3. Prof. Soumitra Basu, Jadavpur University (Retired)
  4. Prof. Avik Majumder, Dept. of Bengali, Jadavpur University
  5. Sri Sandip Kumar Patra, HOD, Dept. of Bengali, Barasat Govt. College

Internal Members

  1. Bhishmadeb Mukhopadhyay, Associate Professor
  2. Nibedita Dutta Chakraborty, Associate Professor
  3. Sri Sandip Kumar Patra, Associate Professor, HOD
  4. Dr. Rita Ghosh, Associate Professor
  5. Dr. Dipankar Bhattacharya, Associate Professor
  6. Dr. Kisalaya Jana, Assistant Professor
  7. Md. Abdur Rafik Sardar, Assistant Professor
  8. Adrija Chowdhury, Assistant Professor
Special Paper offered in PG program Semester Marks
  1. Rabindrasahitya
  2. Kathasahitya
I 200
II 200
III 200
IV 200