Barasat Government College

NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade & DST-FIST Sponsored College
Affiliated to West Bengal State University
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Value Added & Add-on Course

With the objective of enhancing all round ability of students and raising their competence for the job market, different departments of Barasat Government College regularly organize Value-added and Add-on courses at regular intervals. These courses are open to all interested academic persons even from outside this college. These courses are oriented towards developing graded skills and personalities beyond the regular curriculum of the college.

Serial No. Duration Course Details Organizing Department View
1 14-11-2023 to 20-11-2023 Value Added Course on The Importance of Yoga and Its Association with Physical, Mental and Emotional Health of an Individual
Course Code: BGCBAGVAC002/23-24
B.A. General Department Download
2 01-11-2023 to 08-11-2023 Value Added Course on Cultural Heritage of India – II
Course Code: BGCH02VAC/23-24
Department of History Download
3 27-06-2023 to 01-07-2023 Add-on Course on Quick Mathematics: a preparatory course for various competitive exams
Course Code: BGCMTMAO001/22-23
Department of Mathematics Download
4 22-06-2023 to 27-06-2023 Value Added Course on Techniques on Biodiversity Conservations and Plant Resource Utilization
Course Code: BGCBOTVAC001/22-23
Department of Botany Download
5 16-06-2023 to 26-06-2023 Value Added Course on Beyond Literary Texts: The Expanding Horizons
Course Code: BGCENGVAC001/22-23
Department of English Download
6 16-06-2023 to 23-06-2023 Value Added Course on Individual: Rights & Lawas (Indian Context)
Course Code: BGCPLSVAC001/22-23
Department of Political Science Download
7 14-06-2023 to 26-06-2023 Value Added Course on Environmental Education and Sustainable Development
Course Code: BGCGEOVAC001/22-23
Department of Geography Download
8 13-06-2023 to 26-06-2023 Value Added Course on বাঙালির হেঁশেল
Course Code: BGCBNGVAC001/22-23
Department of Bengali Download
9 12-06-2023 to 28-06-2023 Value Added Course on Social Awareness & Obligations of an Indian Citizen
Course Code: BGCBAGVAC001/22-23
B.A. General Department Download
10 12-06-2023 to 23-06-2023 Value Added Course on Cultural Heritage of India
Course Code: BGCH01VAC
Department of History Download
11 09-06-2023 to 23-06-2023 Value Added Course on Performing Arts in Sanskrit
Course Code: BGCSANVAC001/22-23
Department of Sanskrit Download
12 07-06-2023 to 23-06-2023 Value Added Course on Philosophy: A Life Skill
Course Code: BGCPHIVAC001/22-23
Department of Philosophy Download
13 07-06-2023 to 13-06-2023 Value Added Course on Water Pollution and Analysis
Course Code: BGCCEMVAC001/22-23
Department of Chemistry Download
14 05-06-2023 to 16-06-2023 Value Added Course on Applied Statistics & Economterics
Course Code: BGC/ECO/01/VAC
Department of Economics Download
15 01-02-2023 to 31-05-2023 Add-on Course on Collection, Preservation, Display & Cataloging of Museum Specimens
Course Code: BGCZOOAO001/22-23
Department of Zoology Download
16 15-03-2023 to 16-03-2023 Add-on Course on Applied Field Research Methods
Course Code: Geo/BGC/AO/Field Survey/22-23
Department of Geography Download
17 11-03-2023 to 14-03-2023 Add-on Course on Advanced Field Survey Techniques
Course Code: Geo/BGC/AO/Research Methods/22-23
Department of Geography Download
18 01-02-2023 to 31-05-2023 Value added course on A Complete Practical Guide Course on Human Blood Cell Count, Hemoglobin Estimation and Interpretation of Diseases
Course Code: BGCZOOVAC001/22-23
Department of Zoology Download
19 01-06-2022 to 13-06-2022 Value Added Programme on Artist in Me
Course Code: BGCNSSVAC001/21-22
NSS Unit In collaboration with Fevicryl (Pidilite) Download
20 22-09-2023 to 30-09-2023 Value Added Programme on Soft Skill & Computer Application.
Course Code: BGCCEPCVAC001/21-22
Career Counselling, Entry-in-Service & Placement Cell Download